Maintenance Services

AXON PRO, s.r.o. is an established system integrator, provides supply of complex IT services, maintenance services, and customer support. Superior support service of the installed infrastructure and software guarantees protection of client's investment. Most companies use specialized external organizations to carry out maintenance of computing systems.

Advantages :

  • external organizations have more specialized workers with better insight into the issue and more experience
  • using an external organization reduces costs associated with keeping an additional work position
  • more time and resources of the company are left for the main business

Contractual Maintenance Service

Services included in the Contractual Maintenance Service product:

  • regular control of hardware equipment and software (data backup, antivirus system, component integrity, hardware cleaning, etc.)
  • hot-line support - phone consultation services, solving hardware and software problems
  • emergency service at the location of the failure, guaranteed maximum time period to take action.

Terms and Conditions of the Contract

Particular conditions of the contract depend on client's demands and infrastructure complexity. Important factors of the conditions::

  • requested number of guaranteed visits in a specific time period,
  • number of computers - workstations,
  • number of installed servers,
  • time limit to take action in case of emergency.
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