Linux services

AXON PRO, s.r.o. has a long-term priority in providing services related to Linux and open-source products. Our employees are experienced and certified by recognized authorities, for example Red Hat Certified Engineers (RHCE).

Consulting Services

We offer consulting services to help you when deciding on launching and operating Linux-based systems and related services.

Technical Support

  • on-site server maintenance
  • remote server maintenance
  • phone support

Flat-Rate Service Agreement

Our sales department offers an opportunity to sign up to a flat-rate service agreement for technical support for your servers and equipment. The range of the provided services vary with each contract, but it usually includes the following:- administering services and users;

  • regular (daily) control of server status and logs;
  • regular security check - firewall, system scanning; penetration testing and user password strenght check on demand;
  • regular evaluation of log-ins, i.e. control of server usage per user, especially the internet and the telephone switchboard;
  • regular system security updates
  • upgrade to higher version of OS

Installation and configuration of devices and services

  • server installation and setup,
  • selection of suitable hardware and Linux distribution,RAID and LVM implementation,
  • vitual server setup using XEN or VMware,
  • Linux workstation setup,
  • graphics configuration,
  • configuration of common applications, e.g. web browsers, e-mail clients, office applications, etc.,
  • configuration of service,
  • configuration of web services, such as web server, mail server, firewall, etc.,
  • configuration of local services, such as file server, proxy server, imap server, etc.,
  • configuration and implementation of certificate authority and certificate generation,
  • installation and configuration of OSS applications,
  • OpenGroupware - company calendar,
  • webmail software,
  • Funambol - synchronization of contacts, calendars and e-mails
  • Nagios, Zabbix - network monitoring,
  • OpenVPN - secured remote access to your network,
  • OpenLDAP - company-shared contact list,
  • ... etc.

Migrating from Windows to Linux platform

We allow you to replace expensive products by well-established open-source alternatives. If you already are a user of any of the following products, we offer installation, configuration and data migration to Linux equivalents:

  • Exchange
  • Windows SBS / Active Directory
  • Office
  • IIS
  • SQL server

Obviously, there are many more products that can be replaced, sometimes by even better and more reliable alternatives. Program audit and migration analysis is available upon request

Our team

Ernest Beinrohr [ RedHat Certified Engineer , LPIC-1 (lpiid: LPI000017017, verify: mb39t4p57y)]
Peter Chudý [LPIC-1 (lpiid: LPI000142835, verify: y4qgemg78) ], LPIC-2 
Marcel Mikušík [ RedHat Certified Engineer , LPIC-1 (lpiid: LPI000142836, verify: gke7ngrgxy) ], LPIC-2
Jaroslav Porubanec

Extensions and e-mail contacts can be found in CONTACT section.


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