Application development

AXON PRO, s.r.o. is engaged in application development using the Java platform. The company's programmers are holders of SUN Microsystems and Brainbench certificates.


All applications developed by AXON PRO are programmed in Java programming language. The company's portfolio consists mostly of complex systems based on 3-layer architecture. We prefer open-source solutions running on Linux platform. Beside web clients, the company specializes in developing multi-layer applications using RIA technology.

Identity Management

AXON PRO specializes in implementation of identity management and access control to information systems of large organisations, based on IBM product (ITIM – IBM Tivoli Identity Manager) and Oracle products (Oracle Identity Manager, Oracle Access Manager).

Web2 Registry

AXON PRO developed a registry based on J2EE technology, which was designed for the general public and for large organisations. The product is built on Java Swing technology and therefore is platform-independent.

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