Client: CFCU - PHARE (The Ministry of Construction and Regional Development)

Project Information:
One of the criteria for accession to European Union was to create an electronic system for management of support from the structural funds and cohesion fund. The system developed to ensure consistency and transparency of processes and compatibility with established standards and processes.

Solution Specifics:

  • this project, due to its cross-sectoral character, is a balanced solution to process unification requirements and specific requirements of each sector;
  • process specifics are handled using modifiable sequence of steps through transitional states;
  • the system is integrated with the economic agenda of the Slovak Republic;
  • the system is connected on-line to systems that manage payment transactions, therefore it allows for automatization and verification of financial transactions with direct feedback to the structural funds and cohesion fund managers.

Online Access:

  • the system co-operates with Infoportal system for Structural funds, which provides data to electronic applications for non-repayable grants from EU funds

Project was awarded 1. prize in "Cena ITAPA 2004" competition, in category "Improvement of Processes".

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