Stratégia spoločnosti


This document states the main strategic objective of AXON PRO, s.r.o.

AXON PRO, s.r.o. is a limited liability company. It aims at specialized services in the field of information technology, with focus on services with high value added, mainly custom software development.

AXON PRO is among the major companies on the information technology market in Slovakia. The company supplies software solutions for several national institutions, either directly or as a sub-supplier on more complex projects.

The main activity of AXON PRO is development of custom-made software, proceeding from initial analysis to the final solution, implementation, and subsequent services in the form of contractual technical support. We offer complex services to medium-sized and large enterprises.

Customer support is the key interest of the company. Explicit orientation on satisfying clients' needs induces continuous improvement in the processes of the provided services.

Quality Policy

The board of management of the company sees the quality policy as the main step to the positive evolvement of the company. The company aims at offering and delivering services that satisfy clients both by technical solution, quality and price. Continuous improvement of quality of services is one of the elements that build up high-quality management and provide solutions and services with high value added.

The employees of AXON PRO follow these principles in their daily work:

  • The main goal of AXON PRO is to deliver any services in contractual period, quality, and at appropriate cost, to serve the clients, employees, and owners of AXON PRO
  • AXON PRO accomplishes this goal by effective, productive, and stable operation of the company in accordance with applicable laws, and by persistent improvement of partial processes affecting the overall quality of the product.
  • An essential tool to achieving this goal is an effective quality management system (QMS) and an IT management system (ITSM) integrated into single system and distributed throughout all levels of company management.
  • Integrated QMS/ITSM system acts as an instrument for achieving assigned goals, quality of services, and ensuring principles of information security in all activities carried out by the company.
  • The company's employees focus on preventing errors - the principal of preventing errors rather than just detecting errors is far more efficient.
  • The company actively cooperates with major suppliers and partners on strenghtening mutual trust, respect, and joint commitment to the clients.
  • Satisfaction of all our clients is the benchmark of the quality of our work.

Strategy in the field of service management

The board of management of AXON PRO obliged itself to extend the quality management by creating its own IT service management system in a transparent manner, with the metrics defined for each service. The main criterion of ITSM strategy is to create a portfolio of services, which serves customers from state and public sector, as well as the most exacting customers from private sector, and brings progress to their business processes. This is achieved by mutually profitable, clearly phrased SLA contracts, which motivate both the company management and the clients to create and sustain profitable cooperation.

ITSM is implemented in compliance with the standard ISO/IEC 20000-1 and is extended based on professional experience. Processes are designed with respect to the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) recommendations related to service and support of the delivery of solutions and services. Well functioning helpdesk and superior customer support is a priority, along with managing information security.

These basic ITSM processes are considered essential to accomplish high-quality services. They also serve as a demonstration to our clients that each service we offer is delivered based on mutual trust and predefined standards.

The board of management of AXON PRO obliges itself to actively support all processes of IT service management in such a manner, that all assigned goals are achieved that upgrade the services offered to our clients.

To achieve this objective, it is necessary to fulfill these main requirements:

  • build, maintain and continuously improve the company management system, based on fulfilling client's expectations and demands;
  • constantly innovate offered products and services considering current progress in IT technologies;
  • permanently improve offered services and employ new and perspective technologies with better parameters;
  • build the company management system as an integrated system based on international quality standards in accordance with ISO 9001, and ITSM in accordance with ISO/IEC 20000.

ITSM Security Policy

ITSM security policy deals with the delivery of services, therefore it is narrowed down to only a part of organization. It focuses on the entire lifetime cycle of ITSM process, adherence to the rules of information security by employees working in the field of ITSM, and security education and training of these employees. This practice is an important part of personnel policy of the company.

To successfully implement and improve security measures in services related to ITSM, it is necessary to analyse and evaluate risks of each service and set up an appropriate counteraction to eliminate possible breaches of security.

One of the main rules of ITSM security policy is the obligation to immediately report any systemic errors or threats and any known security incidents to a liable person that was assigned leading the ITSM. This applies to all employees. Complying these rules rigorously is key to guarantee and maintain functionality, availability, confidentiality, and security of the entire ITSM system.

The company provides services mainly to clients from state, public, and financial sector, which are highly dependent on information security, therefore our security policy is based on eliminating threats to integrity, confidentiality, and availability of our services to the lowest possible level. Conditions that are necessary to ensure integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information to clients are an inseparable part of our SLA.
Akékoľvek úmyselné ohrozenie bezpečnosti informací, ktoré sú súčasťou ITSM v spoločnosti AXON PRO s.r.o., alebo našich zákazníkov a dodávateľov a kvality nami poskytovaných služieb bude považované za porušenie disciplíny alebo zákonov a takto aj posudzované.

Any intentional threat to security of the information, which is part of ITSM of AXON PRO, company's clients, or company's suppliers, will be considered a breach of discipline or the law, and will be dealt with in such way.

The board of management of AXON PRO obliges itself to actively support the IT service management and the information security inside and outside the company.

Environmental policy

  • AXON PRO obliges itself to create and establish an effective environmental management system, in accordance with international standard ISO 14001;
  • the company's activity complies with the environmental requirements;
  • the company's impact on the environment is taken into account;
  • the company pursues a continuous improvement in pollution prevention;
  • all the respective measures are listed in the Quality manual of AXON PRO and in related technical guidelines.

This Environmental policy is obligatory to all employees of AXON PRO All executive staff are obliged to apply this policy and to take effective measures when executing and establishing the environmental management system. An authorised person is assigned to control the compliance with the rules of Environmental policy.


The board of management of AXON PRO is aware of the need to lead the employees and external partners to thoroughly follow the strategy.

The company therefore appeals to all employees of the company, to actively fulfill the strategic goals and so contribute to further development of the company and the provided services.

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